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Part of being forward thinkers means identifying and aligning ourselves with partners who share our mission to drive sustainable e-mobility solutions in South Africa, and the continent.
The Uber Story

Valternative’s partnership with Uber introduced a global first product, where an entire fleet of electric vehicles is dedicated to a single Uber product. The relationship was established at the Africa Green Economy Summit in Cape Town, and has now matured into a national roll-out strategy, introducing emission-free deliveries across South Africa. Having a vested interest in Uber in its global goal of zero-emission mobility, we are in preparation to implement our technology across other African countries, where micro-mobility dominates the roads.

The Shell Story

Valternative’s partnership with Shell SA, in yet another industry-first for South Africa. By utilising Shell as a locations partner, Valternative has an immediate national footprint, through the existing widespread network of service stations. To create and begin the infrastructure network, Valternative deeply battery charging stations across South Africa’s mother city, with greater attention to the Cape Town city bowl and surrounding areas.

The WESGRO Story

As the official tourism, trade, and investment promotion agency for the Western Cape, it was natural for Valternative to consult with Wesgro for assistance and introduction to, service providers, potential partners, and stakeholders within Cape Town.

At Valternative, we are dedicated to foster collaboration aimed at revolutionising transportation, making it cleaner, greener, and more efficient.



Investing in Valternative means joining a movement that goes beyond profits. It means investing in a sustainable future, where clean energy powers our roads, our businesses and our lives. Invest in a future that is now.

Join Us in Shaping the Future
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