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Power Up
Mobility Convenience


Quick Swap
Charge Stations

Intelligent Battery Swapping

Experience seamless transitions to electric vehicles with smart battery swapping technology. Effortlessly swop out depleating batteries, ensuring your Valt Bike are always on the go.


Streamline your fleet operations with Valternative’s advanced analytics. Optimise routes, reduce idle time, and manage drivers, saving both time and resources.


Harness the power of smart 360 Technology, and our connected solutions. Monitor real-time data, track vehicle and battery health, and enhance driver safety, all from an AI-powered app.

Customised Mobility Packages

Tailor mobility solutions to your unique needs. Whether you’re a large corporation, a local business, or a city planner, we create customised packages to enhance mobility and sustainability.

Join Valternative and drive the change toward a greener, smarter tomorrow!


We deploy our software on the Amazon Cloud Server in Cape Town, South Africa. The local deployment would guarantee the fastest access to manage the riders and assets to their best performance and safety. We are committed to continuing R & D to upgrade the software according to the need of the South African market. 

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Plug & Play
Smart Battery

Valt-bikes are integrated with our smart battery technology linked to the Valternative smart app, providing constant connectivity and easy management.

Valt-bikes are also fitted with independently- developed smart chips linking the rider’s bike and battery, which adds a further layer of security. Valt-bikes can be easily located quickly and be powered down at the tap of a button.

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V stations

Our Swap-&-Go Stations will house multiple batteries that are being charged simultaneously. This enables instant replacement of depleting batteries with a charged one, allowing seamless continuity and increased productivity.

Our innovative battery swapping technology eliminates the stress of long charging times. Valt-bike riders enjoy a battery exchange experience of under 3 seconds, eliminating range anxiety.

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